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CRC-Checker - The only CRC and SFV-Checker you need!

Ok, here's a small example of how to use the renaming function:
Let's suppose you just loaded the first five episodes of Aishiteruze Baby into CRC-Checker:

The CRCs of the files match the ones in the filenames, GOOD! ;)
But before you burn them to DVD you'd like to 'clean up' the filenames and include the episode titles.
Click on the RENAME button (the big 'R') to open the rename window:

The upper part should be obvious, in the lower part you see four main elements:
- Usually you won't need the first combo box. You can enter a regular expression here and you can access the matches by using \1, \2, \3 and so on in the target combo box (the one on the right). I won't explain regular expressions here, but if you know them, you'll know what i'm talking about.
- the second combo box is where you 'build' the target file names using predefined macros, the regular expression results from above and some custom text you can enter.  
Now navigate to the according AniDB entry for Aishiteruze Baby and drag the URL icon into the rename window.

Then you should see this:

Now you can already see what the meaning of the #macros# is:
#series# - The series title, here: Aishiteruze Baby
#seriesk# - Kanji version of series title
#ep# - The episode number. This is extracted from the filename.
If the episode number extraction from the filename does not work, you're screwed, because the whole systen is based on it.
(This happens for series like Area 88 cause there is a number that will be interpreted as the episode number. I'll try to find a solution for this later.)
#ep1# - The episode number forced to 1-digit display.
#ep3# - The episode number forced to 3-digit display.
#title# - The episode title, e.g. Yuzu is 5 years old
#crc# - The 'best' CRC, that means either the 'real', calculated one, or - if that one is not available - the one extracted from the filename.
#crc1# - The CRC extracted from the filename
#crc2# - The CRC calculated from the file
#tag# - A possible tag in the filename, e.g. a group tag. This is any expression inbetween () or [] brackets, that is NOT already interpreted as CRC.
#ext# - The file extension. You'll usually need this to complete the filename, unless you want to change the file extension.
The option Fix apostrophs will replace ` and which are usually used on AniDB with ', which i prefer ;)
The option Fix capitalization will convert certain words in the episode title to lowercase (i'm too lazy to explain which ones)
Now just match the format of the target filename to your needs, click RENAME and be happy,
cause this crappy program just saved a little of your precious life-time ;)
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