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CRC-Checker - The only CRC and SFV-Checker you need!

100% Freeware!
For Windows 2000 and XP (95/98/ME maybe if you installed Unicode support)
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0
Anyone interested in a Linux version?

Download CRC-Checker V1.2n
As you may have noticed by now, this little proggy is mainly optimized for my personal needs,
i.e. the CRC checking and renaming of Anime episodes.
(Coming up next: Zidrav functionality!)
Damn, i think i need a new name for this proggy...
So if you use it for other purposes (but how did you find it then anyway?),
it might not work as perfectly for you as it does for me ;)
Latest changes:
1.2nCopy fileinfo to clipboard
1.2mImport of episode titles from
1.2hShould work with files >4GB now
1.2gsmall bugfixes
1.2fsome small bugfixes
 if there was a ':' (colon) in the series name, renaming would delete files!
 i'm really sorry about this, i hope it didn't happen to you (it happened to me :( )
1.2cminor bugfixes
1.2bbugfix: occasional 'file not found' errors when saving SFV
1.2aoptions to create 1- and 3-digit episode numbers
1.2Program should be Unicode-safe now (let's hope the best)
 Kanji version of series title can be used for episode renaming (#titlek#)
 Several small bugfixes and removed some debug message boxes
1.1bDropping URL into rename window now works from IE (M$ sucks)
1.1aBig news: Batch-renaming with semi-automatic episode name extraction from AniDB!
 A small example (some call it docu) is here.
1.0fBugfix: Meaning of SHIFT key (see 1.0e) was reversed (stupid me)
1.0eEpisode number extraction works for 3-digits (One Piece rules!)
 Holding SHIFT while adding new files avoids auto-check
1.0dBugfix: CRCs from .SFV files were handled incorrectly when in lower-case
1.0cDoesn't need MSVCR70.DLL any longer
 fancy 'About' box with picture of me (yeah, right)
1.0bexperimental episode number extraction from filename
unused yet, maybe used for batch renaming in the future
1.0aClickable URL in 'About' box (but who wants to see this ugly page anyway?)
What are CRC1 and CRC2?
CRC1 is either extracted from the filename or comes from an .SFV file
CRC2 is the 'real' CRC, calculated from the file
If both CRCs are the same, the file is considered 'GOOD'
What's the speed display in the status bar?
First number is the file reading speed, second number is the speed for calculating the CRC
So, when i made the screenshot, the file was loading at 90.5 mb/sec and the CRC was calculated at a speed of 261.69 mb/sec
(these number are not very accurate, it's just a gimmick!)

Hey, i never said it looked good, but it does the job with very few mouse clicks ;)
Somebody wants to contact me? Email adress? No way!
You can contact my in the AnimeReactor forum, user doublemax

poor souls had to watch this ugly page already ...
Just ignore everything below:

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